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Laser cutting technology by Fiber Laser UBRA “, presented in the science journal MM Industrial Spectrum No. 10/2016
Customer ROKA Raza (CR) presents the benefits of UBRA laser in science journal Technology and Market No. 09/2016

„The main advantage of the fiber laser UBRA in comparison with the traditional cutting technologies like plasma or CO2 cutting is several times higher efficiency along with a cost savings and a high productivity of metal sheets cutting”, says Mr. Raza, general manager of the company.


Main advantages of fiber lasers in comparison with CO2 lasers

  • Very low costs of operation thanks to low consumption of electrical energy
  • High efficiency
  • Minimum maintenance (fiber lasers do not have mirrors requiring maintenance and adjustment, it is not necessary to check the precision of beam guiding)
  • Higher speed and better quality of the cut
  • Several times higher lifetime of optical lenses (up to 6 times)
  • The warranty period is usually not limited by the number of operation hours of the laser resonator or by the number of shifts
  • Much longer lifetime of the laser source (estimated lifetime more than 100,000 hours)
  • Reliability
  • Easy operation

Cost saving compared to CO2 laser

Cost - power

Consumed power saving

Cost - compressed air

Compressed air saving


Cost - maintenance

Maintenance cost saving



UBRA LX 3015 4020 6020
Max. working area, X-axis 3025 mm 4025 mm 6025 mm
Max. working area, Y-axis 1525 mm 2025 mm 2025 mm
Max. weight of the metal sheet 1000 kg 1300 kg 2000 kg
Max. speed in X-axis 130 m/min
Max. speed in Y-axis 130 m/min
Concurrent speed 180 m/min
Max. acceleration 10 m/s2
Laser power output 3 kW
Precision +/- 0.05
Repeatability +/- 0.03
Laser source IPG Photonics
Laser cutting head Precitec


Cutting capacity with highest quality of cut Cutting capacity




The skeleton of the machine is a rigid welded. High precision and tight inspection of production processes is a basis for providing excellent dynamic characteristics of the machine while preserving simple design.

Laser source

Fiber laser provides high power output with low energy consumption and excellent beam parameters in the whole power range

  • High quality focus even at long working distances
  • Minimum setting requirements
  • 100 000 hours - diode life cycle

Machine drive

The machine is driven by 4 high-powered maintenance-free servomotors.

  • Synchronization of the servomotors is controlled electronically in X1 and X2 axes
  • Rack gearing
  • High parameters of acceleration, speed and accuracy of motion

Laser cutting head

Cutting head Precitec HP SSL uses automatic focusing system, which enables application of many different focus points. This focusing system guarantees high comfort of operation with excellent quality of the cut.

  • Liquid cooling
  • Optical system protection against contamination
  • Capacity sensors – maintaining constant distance


In the development and design of the UBRA fiber laser, great attention has been paid to safe construction of the machine and protection of the operator. The control system continuously informs the user on the monitor about emergency situations and provides support for their solution.

Remote diagnostics enables technical support by the manufacturer and minimizes time for service action.

Control system

MEFI control system is equipped with user-friendly interface. The MEFI control system optimally combines all functions of the UBRA fiber laser and provides ideal solution and power in all conditions. The system includes complete database of cuts that can be used for various thickness and kinds of materials.

Replaceable table

The machine is standardly equipped with two replaceable plate tables.



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